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  • Mattresses and bedding have the same consideration as clothing for personal use. For hygiene reasons, returns of used items are not accepted.

  • Upon receiving the merchandise, the client must carry out a review of the state of the same, and if it is in optimal conditions, it will be requested to sign in accordance.

  • In the event that the merchandise has been received and delivered in accordance, the cancellation will not be accepted and the guarantee policies will apply.

  • In case of cancellation for reasons attributable to the client,  15% of the total purchase will be charged. In the event that the merchandise has been sent to the customer's address,  freight cost will be charged as an additional cost for cancellation.

  • If the payment was made by credit card, to months without interest, the cancellation will have a charge of 15% of the value of the purchase.

  • If the payment was made by credit card, without promotions for months, the cancellation will have a charge of 10% of the value of the order.

  • Payment for cancellations will be made by transfer or check payable to the buyer.

  • We are not responsible for damages suffered by the merchandise during its delivery or transfer maneuver. The Customer becomes solely and fully responsible for any defect, damage or problem caused to the product. and this may be cause for warranty cancellation without having the option to return your product.




  • All our merchandise has a guarantee against manufacturing defects, both in materials and in workmanship, for the time determined in the guarantee policy that accompanies the purchased goods. The damages that the merchandise may suffer during its shipment or delivery maneuver are outside of this guarantee, so it is the client's responsibility to review the conditions of the product at the time of delivery.

  • In the event that the product presents manufacturing defects within the first month after delivery, according to orderly and common use, Grupo Lamas will cover all costs derived from the delivery and return of the product. Outside this period, all managements will be responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • Grupo Lamas reserves the right to make or not the guarantee valid when the company deems it appropriate.

  • To report any manufacturing defect, the client must contact the Customer Service area by telephone, at (55) 5716-6898  Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., this being the only valid means to generate your report and order. corresponding service.

  • Grupo Lamas may request the client testimonial and graphic evidence (photographs), in addition to the visit to the buyer's home,  to verify if it is an original defect or if it has suffered misuse or malicious damage.

  • To make the guarantee valid, it is necessary that the mattress is clean and free of any type of bodily fluids.

  • In case of proceeding with the service request, the manufacturer will indicate to the client if there is any cost that must be covered by him and the approximate date of delivery.

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